Political philosophy

Lefties need

to pay attention. The Left has gone too far on LBGT stuff.

I gotta be honest: I don’t like the government involved in marriage at all. I suggest that EVERY person pay a tax on income (ideally a flat tax). And then who freakin’ CARES who you live with?

I think marriage is a purely religious issue: You don’t need the government’s permission to marry! If you want an ecclesiastical blessing on the union, go talk to the clergy member of your choice.

If you want your neighbor Bob to perform the marriage, then go talk to Bob. Have your Aunt Tillie perform the ceremony–see if she is willing. Have someone wearing a big salad bowl on their head. Weird, but if they will do it, then OK. I just don’t care!

But the government has nothing to do with it. Nor should it!

Now do you want a marriage in the downtown Baptist church? Well, then talk to the person who legally directs that church and controls access. Maybe it’s OK with that person, and maybe it’s not, but either way it just isn’t a government issue.

“Marry” your goldfish if you want. Or your hamster. Again, weird, but OK (though a human must consent and be a legal adult).

I really don’t care who you “marry.” But your tax bill doesn’t change. Whether you are “married” or not doesn’t make a lick of difference. You owe X% of your income in Federal taxes. Case closed.

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