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It’s a real


Why do electric car batteries frequently burst into flame? In my opinion, EVs are essentially an obsolete technology even without this glaring flaw. But those who are trying to force them down our throats should be made to explain why this isn’t a serious issue.

Most of us are all for alternate sources of energy. But they need to actually work and not be a hazard!

No one wants to have their car burn uncontrollably for days!

In a recent critique, television star and car enthusiast Jeremy Clarkson has voiced serious concerns about the safety of electric vehicles, calling them “bloody dangerous.” His concern goes beyond cars to other devices powered by batteries, like electric bikes. Clarkson writes, “People have died, and that’s not surprising when you learn that a fully charged e-bike contains the same explosive energy as six hand grenades.”

… “The fact is this. It’s only a matter of time before an electric car bursts into flames on a cross-Channel ferry or in the Chunnel. Or in an underground car park,” he warned.

Do YOU want to have your electric car spontaneously and burn furiously in your garage? No thanks on my part…

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