Bad Faith Dishonesty

Romney really

is amazingly out-of-touch!

“And that Wall Street Journal article, wow. I mean, to spend that type of time and energy on that… we have so much else going on that he should be focused on as a senator,” he added. “I think that was received with a, I say a collective eye roll… from GOP donors, because Romney, he still hasn’t learned that actions actually speak louder than words, and that’s why there’s this stark difference between Trump and Romney,” he added.

… “And Romney just hasn’t done that,” he continued. “He made several promises to Utahns that he would fight to put us on a path to a balanced budget, he would end illegal immigration, he would stop federal spending and overreach, and he’d appoint conservative justices to the court… and his record clearly doesn’t match up with those promises.”

No, Romney is a weakling loser. If he could fight he would have been President. But no, he is, at heart, a Milquetoast RINO who curtseys and scrapes and grovels before the Left.

He is a good loser, but a TOTAL loser!

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