Political Strategy

Have faith.

Things may be better than you think. Much better.

On the surface, things appear to be worse than ever before. Never in our nation’s history has the incumbent regime launched a direct effort to jail the leader of the political opposition like we are seeing today. A tactic once limited to third-world banana republics has indeed been imported to our own country.

Courage, my friends! The tide WILL turn. The long night of the Lefty Orc will end…

But we need to be wise about this. We need to be strategic, and NOT give an opening for the waiting Democrat pity offensive.

Republicans should impeach the man directly overseeing the latest and most egregious political witch hunt against President Trump: Attorney General Merrick Garland.

… By compartmentalizing this counter-attack and focusing solely on the DOJ and Garland, Republicans will continue to keep the narrative focused on the Trump indictment, without muddying the waters by turning it into a fight over Joe Biden’s relationship with his son.

There is NO question that Joe Biden is a dirty scumbag. And there is no question that Hunter is, as well. None at all. But at least start here.

But we need to be a bit strategic, here.

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