Bad Faith Biden-Induced Human Misery Dishonesty Economy

Have you

A) gone to the grocery store lately or B) gone out to eat lately? If so, you know that “Bidenomics” is a steaming pile of crap!

Last evening the Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) and I went through a national chain drive-thru. One of the BIG ones. We got 2 hamburgers, 2 large drinks, and 2 4-piece chicken nuggets. The bill? a few cents shy of $30!

No inflation my butt! We’re not stupid, you know… Democrats, do you think we are stupid? ‘Cuz we’re not. We know you are lying! DUH!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released new data on Thursday. It shows that the price of food went up 4.9% in July. Call it Bidenomics or Bidenflation. Neither one is good.

The Consumer Price Index shows inflation ticked up over the last year and remains more than double what it was when Biden took office. Think of that when Biden brags that inflation is coming down.

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