Corruption Political Strategy Wisdom

Biden needs to

cut Hunter loose for PR purposes. He needs to stop with the smarmy, crap-eating Hunter defenses. Because the “stink” is getting on him. And it is opening him up to more scrutiny.

But he probably won’t. He has already committed to a course of action, and if he changed now it would very naturally provoke the question, “Why are you doing a 180-degree about-face?” To change is to admit that there was a need to change. It is a de facto sort of mealy-mouthed confession.

So Joe will white-knuckle this thing out. He charaterologically is simply unable to do otherwise.

It’s like Bud Light. If right at first they had said, “We were wrong, and we have fired the person responsible. We apologize for offending our customers and we have taken measures that such a travesty will never happen again. Please, accept our apologies.”

See, if Bud Light had done that right at first, they never would have lost tens of billions of dollars. But by refusing to apologize, they have become a punchline. And lost their market dominance.

Joe Biden is similarly in danger of becoming a sick punchline, a walking example of corruption and dishonesty. Will he continue to make the same mistake? Almost for sure, yes.

And even if Joe were to apologize tomorrow, it would be rightfully seen as mere political exigency, not a heartfelt mea culpa. So I guess we are a little late for a Joe Biden apology. That ship has sailed…

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