First “Try That In

A Small Town” and now this. I could be wrong, but I think that we may be seeing the front edge of a “preference cascade.” Are we seeing a cultural shift? And do you think that other artists might go down that same path now that they’ve seen that it pays?

It’s a battle cry for people who want to resist the control of big money and big government but know they are losing the fight. They resent being investigated by the FBI as potential terrorists when they speak out at school board meetings or affiliate with a traditional branch of the Catholic Church. They see a government eager to prosecute political candidates from one party but not the other. They see violent street riots go unprosecuted and the southern border left open in violation of the law, fairness, and public safety. They see their children shut out of public schools for over a year by teachers unions and so-called experts with more power than evidence.

Leftists are mad that regular people are pushing back, but Leftists have never even become remotely aware of the real anger they have engendered. It is a serious blind spot for them, and they are just clueless about it.

They are that one guy who thinks he’s really cool and drives an older Camaro (“a serious muscle car”) and wears bell-bottoms. But when he walks into the party everyone rolls their eyes and wonders who the crap invited him.

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