Current Events

There has been

a HUGE decline in the trust of “experts.”And it is TOTALLY clear why. The soi-disant “experts” have been chronically wrong and they have demonstrated in spades that with only a few exceptions, they are merely puffed-up toadies of the Left, willing to sell out their professional “virtue” in order to push a political point of view.

Today we know more about the inner workings of those institutions than ever before and what we know falls somewhere between concerning and outrageous.

Like the Haitian proverb says, If you knew what chickens eat, you wouldn’t eat chicken! Well, we KNOW what chickens eat now…

NO ONE trusts “the experts,” and for good reason! If they had dispassionately held to facts, science, and knowledge, they wouldn’t have gotten here.

But no, they had to be Lefty prostitutes. They sold out. And the result is that no one with any moral fiber or good sense wants to hook themselves to them–the fate of ALL prostitutes. Oh sure, they’re good for a no-tell motel, but it’s not like they are marriage material!

“Trust the experts” is merely an intellectually shabby ideological blind.

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