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Even with cheating

in the sample, Biden is TOTALLY sucking it up!

So even the sample boost isn’t giving Bidenomics a boost, despite weeks of desperately flogging Biden’s purported economic genius. This poll also mainly got conducted before Biden’s infamous “no comment” on the Maui disaster and his lame policy response following it. The media has tried to ignore some of that — the same media who portrayed George W. Bush as uncaring after Hurricane Katrina — but that’s going to eventually hit Biden’s polling too. This may not be a floor, in other words.

Look, I think it os abundantly clear that Trump was cheated in the last election and that the scurvy dogs of the MSM are still brutalizing him. Plus, the thought of the Trump raging bull back in the White House fills me with glee. If Trump is the nominee, I will happily vote for him.

But is Trump the best electoral bet? Heaven knows that “Biden” is a stupid, lying, traitorous, senile, cheating turd! Trump would be MUCH better for the country.

Still, I’ve been pretty impressed with Ramaswamy, lately. DeSantis seems to have pooped in the soup, so to speak. But Ramaswamy seems more conservative than Trump in many ways. Let’s just see what happens…

Like most decent and virtually ALL wise people, I want Biden to lose. A freakin’ moldy orange would be better than Biden! (come to think of it….)

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