Economy Epic fail

Well, it most

certainly WOULD be!

The truth is unavoidable: Democrat Presidents/policies always create a sucky economy. Always.

Oh, I can hear the Lefty mindless toadies stammer, “B-b-but Bill Clinton!

Look carefully: Bill Clinton deliberately aped conservative ideas. You know, “The era of big government is over.” Stuff like that.

Plus, Bush I and then Clinton had not yet been able to totally destroy the Reagan economic boom. But indeed they would make great headway in that. Bush II was poor in terms of the economy, but it still kept going at a reasonable rate. He was the classic, “Good enough not to collapse the whole dang thing.”

Plus, there was just a HUGE national sigh of relief that Gore and Kerry were not elected. Of course, Obama strangled the economy and then danced on its grave.

And now “Biden” is making things exponentially worse…

But back to the main issue: Leftist policies are manifestly terrible for the economy. The evidence is just overwhelming. I mean, look at Trump vs Biden. The contrast simply could not be greater.

You need to vote with your brain, not your spleen.

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