Evil Clown Psychopathology

What is

WRONG with this guy?

Keep in mind that the president is in Hawaii to speak to people who have lost everything, including the lives of their family members in some cases, and he decided to tell a made-up story about how his house almost burnt down. Not only that, he suggested that his made-up story gives him a “little sense” of what it’s like to lose a home. In reality, as has been noted before, Biden’s house did not almost burn down. Rather, it suffered a small kitchen fire that was contained within 20 minutes. 

But that’s not the worst part of it. It would have been one thing had Biden just told another white lie to make himself seem relatable (while actually doing the opposite). In this case, though, he decided to embellish his falsehood with a joke about almost losing his precious Corvette. Yes, amidst a wasteland of suffering and death, the President of the United States thought it was a good time to tell a joke about how much he cares about his car. 

… The idea of Biden as the empathizer-in-chief is a joke. It’s the biggest lie in politics, and at some point, you can’t just blame his obvious senility for how tone-deaf he is. He just doesn’t care about other people. It’s sociopathic behavior. [emphasis added]

It is just gobsmacking! It is unreal. Did YOU vote for him? If so, go, and do better.

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