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I think it

is true that with the foam-flecked Left’s demand of a mug-shot of Trump, they have truly jumped the shark.

This is blowing up in their faces. They have lit and are smugly smoking a loaded cigar. Regular people are enraged at the manifest unfairness of this. Black people in particular know what it is like to be irrationally persecuted and pursued, and many of them are rightfully offended and even enraged.

And conservatives (and people in general) are repeatedly making hilarious memes about this. It has become an utter joke. FAR from turning people against Trump, they are making people feel sympathetic toward him. Because nobody likes a spiteful and irrational bully, and that is exactly what the Left have proven themselves to be.

So their solution is to double down–to become even more coercive and despotic. But honestly, I think that is a very unwise strategy. They will eventually be overwhelmed in this game of wack-a-mole. You don’t get out of “Chineses finger handcuffs” by just pulling harder.

Sure, the Left might win a battle here and there, but they will lose the war. And to paraphrase a famous movie, the more they tighten their grip the more regular people will slip through their fingers.

Eventually, as Longfellow (the poet) wrote: The wrong shall fail, the right prevail / with peace on earth, goodwill toward men.

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