Current Events Resisting Evil

OK, lesson


If you fight back, the Left almost always crumps. Understand well, that doesn’t mean that there will be no pushback from the Left–Kyle Rittenhouse was obviously innocent of wrongdoing and yet he still went to trial, with a huge prison sentence hanging over his head.

But fighting back does indeed change things. And Kyle Rittenhouse revealed some important things:

He (Rittenhouse) revealed to the world that the left is nothing without the protection of the police, without the courts to jail their opponents, without corporate power firing their enemies and social media censoring any criticism.

And then talking about Trump:

Keep in mind, nothing about this election has anything to do with Trump the man.  Neither his supporters nor his enemies care what the charges against him are or what he plans to do if elected.  No one cares about the job he did during his last term and no one wants to move on.  This is not an election, but an exorcism.   Trump the man is meaningless, a vain boomer who still doesn’t understand, deep down, that the system is his mortal enemy.  Trump the ghost, the haunting reminder of the weakness of the system, of its failure under pressure, of its illegitimacy, of its ignorance and fear of the people it mismanages- that’s what matters.

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