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It’s a great

question. Because the answer is not at all clear. Harris is obviously unelectable, and Gavin Newsom very likely is. OK, then who?

Whether they admit it or not, one big question has to be on the mind of pretty much every Democrat in the country: What happens if Joe Biden drops out of the 2024 race?

Yes, some “dark horse” could emerge (after all, that’s what happened with Trump), but that seems less likely for Democrats. Why?

Trump won because of a deep disgust of the status quo. He was successful largely because he appeared to be willing to “break the furniture.”

But Democrats can’t really do that because the ARE the status quo! Upon what can a Democrat run? They really can’t run as an insurgent, and they ALSO can’t run on their record–they can’t say, “Are you better off than you were four year ago?

The ONLY options really available to them are Trump hatred and fear mongering. And THAT is the direction they will undoubtedly go…

The Republican POTUS race has its own issues, given a pretty broad field contending with Donald Trump’s seemingly insurmountable lead. But at this (early) juncture, the GOP candidates should draw a little comfort from the fact that the Democrats’ best hope of holding the White House is to leave addled, dementia-ridden, inarticulate old Joe Biden right where he is.

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