Civil Rights

Hey gun controller

nuts! Immediate background checks for August gun purchases exceeded 1 million for the 49th consecutive month! So that is at least 49 million guns (and certainly far more, since a person can buy several guns with one background check).

The idea that some despotic Democrat even could confiscate all these guns is beyond laughable! Do you think there might be some resistance in terms of complying? And many of these applications are for first-time purchases, if the trend from previous months holds. Leading the charge in first-time purchases? Black women.

Plus, more than half the states now have constitutional carry. People don’t need government permission to protect themselves and their loved ones in those states. Even despotic, benighted holdout states such as New York, California, and Illinois are fighting a desperate retrenchment battle against SCOTUS rulings!

And regardless of what happens, people are simply not going to give up their freedoms easily. A large proportion of people will resist.

And a lot of people have already lost their guns in tragic boating accidents…

But just think of how new gun owners might vote! Do you think they will vote for an anti-gun nut who promises to outlaw guns and confiscate those they already have? Do you think these new gun owners might run for offices great and small? Hmmm…

We already have Sheriffs saying that they will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws! So just who will go house to house unconstitutionally confiscating firearms? Sure, there are those police officers who would do it, but what percentage?

And will the confiscators themselves eventually find themselves as defendants in a Nuremberg-style court proceedings? Do they think that “I was just following orders” will save them? Did they swear an oath–not to their political masters, but to the Constitution?

I just don’t see confiscation happening. Even if there is a Lefty SCOTUS, there will be a whole lot of “Irish Democracy” going on. That is NOT a call for complacency. But it IS an unflinching look at reality.

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