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Is college

worth it?

Unless you are going to grad school in order to get a credential you must have to get in a program, I’m just not sure an undergraduate degree is usually a good move. Well, if you go to a school that charges FAR less than others it makes some sense.

The tuition alone of the local university (not an academically elite one by any stretch) for non-residents is north of 12 grand per semester! For residents it is less, but still almost five grand. So IF you as a non-resident can graduate in four years, that is about $100,ooo in tuition alone. If you are a resident, it is a “bargain” at about $40,000.

Now the truth is that scholarships and other forms of financial aid abound. But still… We are NOT taking about pocket change, here.

Of course, you have to live, pay rent, etc. as well as pay tuition. Good luck!

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