Bad Faith

Of course

it is!

But the real damage is inside the Biden coalition. Democrats had already begun abandoning Biden this year, which is why the White House went on a charm offensive with their Bidenomics campaign this summer. Just as previous polls have shown, this has turned into yet another Biden backfire, as consumers grasp the economy much better than other issues and are not buying the Bidenomics spin from Team Biden. That disconnect may explain more than any other factor the 19-point (!) loss in confidence among Democrats over the last six months.

But it’s not just that. DEMOCRAT mayors and governors are getting pretty dang ticked!

Never mind the latest polls showing Trump running even or ahead of Biden in a head-to-head matchup which are causing political panic among Democrats. More immediate is the rebellion of blue states and blue cities against Biden’s open borders policy, as related yesterday. This is shaping up as a political disaster for Democrats.

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