Epic fail

Epic fail!

A double fail.

This week’s White House report card finds President Joe Biden at another international summit, the G20 in India, hobbled by a horrible approval rating, a public struggling to make ends meet, and a disgruntled liberal base who want somebody else to run for president on the 2024 Democratic ticket.

And here’s what an inveterate Biden cheerleader said:

This was a catastrophic week for President Joe Biden due in large part to a new CNN poll out on Wednesday. Not only is overall job approval at 39%, but 58% of those polled said that things are actually worse since he has been in office.

The president is trying to get control of his message of success with the economy and fighting for the right of women to choose, but the CNN poll revealed that now 73% of voters do not want him to run, including 65% of Democrats. The poll created just the sort of buzz that he just doesn’t need.

What does it mean when even Biden’s former boosters are turning on him? Rats fleeing a sinking ship, I reckon…

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