Current Events Hypocrisy

I think Joe Biden

killed the “me, too” movement in Hollywood. Hear me out.

Tara Reid’s allegations were supremely credible, yet the”me, too” warriors were only too willing to “suspend disbelief” on Joe Biden in order to get Bad Orange Man out. So they folded like a cheap tent when their own was credibly accused. Tara Reid was the unfortunate victim of all this. Broken eggs, omelette, you know the rest.

But in abandoning Tara Reid they ended up destroying the whole movement. They were rightly seen as sell-outs and mere political hacks after that. So they advocated believing the victim–unless the perp was important to them.

And THAT hypocrisy totally gutted the whole movement. They were just no longer compelling. At all.

And THAT is a lesson to remember: A lot of Democrats look pure and moral, only to sell out to evil as soon as standing for what is right becomes difficult or means calling out their own “tribe.” They are an affronted lions when it comes to the other side, but a taciturn mouse when it comes to their side!

And that smug hypocrisy destroyed the movement. So they got a few scalps, but no real change. And the sad thing is that there were real victims, here! But the perps go free because the movement leaders were hypocritical toadies…

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