Fighting Back


How do you think we feel?

Was I a sucker? I sure don’t want to feel like a sap, but the thought that I may be one arises when I watch this endless parade of patriots – including our last conscious president – being prosecuted for their political beliefs and treated differently under a two-tier justice system as the garbage institutions attempt to quash free speech, and as the alleged president, a desiccated, corrupt, old pervert, generally drives our country into the ground. I defended this?

… And most other vets feel the same way. Not all of them. There are some blue falcons out there who think the current woke military is just great, with its political witch-hunts, bizarre diversity fetishes, and track record of total failure in unequivocally winning a major war in the last three decades. If you ask me, “What’s wrong with the military today?” I can sum it up by asking you a question in response: “What is the name of the general or admiral fired because of the fiasco in Afghanistan two years ago?”

… I don’t regret serving my country. It was an honor. Moreover, I’m going to continue to do so, and so are the rest of us patriotic vets. Like I said, that oath we took doesn’t expire[emphasis added]

Folks, let’s roll!

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