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Wow! He was going to lose, anyway. But hallelujah, he’s as good as GONE! He was always a RINO dinosaur. He could never read the writing on the wall, which said, “Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting!” 

Maybe Utah can now get a real conservative to represent the people instead of THIS lying dirtbag! He never had much of a “killer instinct,” except when it came to attacking Conservatives. Otherwise he would have been President. I’m very glad he wasn’t.

Romney was the prototypical RINO “lovable loser” for the Democrats. He will be SEVERELY missed! Well, not really. As someone said after the “severe” gaffe, he does speak Conservative, but only with a very thick accent.

What a maroon! He would not have gotten the Senate nomination this time, anyway. I think he is bowing to that set-in-stone fact. All he would have done is engender strife and conflict. I’m very glad he’s gone.

But where are Democrats going to find a replacement?

“This is a huge blow for the Democratic Party,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “Romney has been one of our most reliable senators. He will be sorely missed.”

Democrats have immediately begun searching for a replacement candidate, concerned that conservatives in Utah could flip the seat Republican. “Romney being able to carry Utah for the Democrats was an unbelievable windfall for the party,” said analyst Chuck Todd. “It will be incredibly difficult to find another candidate who can win in such a deep red state while completely and utterly turning his back on the Republican party. It’s like finding a unicorn.”

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