Bad Faith Injustice

Yes, the Hunter

Biden indictments are a ruse. Remember, Weiss was the one that tried to get Hunter off scot-free. He is NOT suddenly trying for justice. This leopard didn’t change his spots–not by a long shot!

Seriously, does anyone believe that Hunter Biden will actually face any jail time? Would Weiss, one of the architects of Hunter’s ridiculous plea deal, actually put Hunter Biden behind bars? I don’t. 

I sure don’t, either. This is all Kabuki theater meant to fool the rubes and quiet the baying hounds. Hunter will never see a day in prison, mark my words.

“Don’t be fooled,” he [Mike Davis] began in a lengthy post on X/Twitter. “Today’s indictment of Hunter Biden for gun felonies is just more coverup by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who has protected the Bidens for years.”

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