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I like Trump

as President a lot, and I will happily vote for him in 2024. Let’s get that out of the way here at the very beginning.

But let’s be honest: He failed the COVID test. Yes, yes, it was a very hard test, and there is little question that he was duped by the dishonest and sociopathic duo of Birx and Fauci. They lied to him. And many others were similarly duped and wrong. You or I might well have been wrong in that situation. But let’s also come clean and admit that he was indeed wrong, here.

Yes, he was duped. And that is NOT a bit disqualifying. I’m NOT trying to be harsh, but:

Trump deserves credit for calling out the deep state, but the fact is that from 2016 until now, the deep/administrative state has been beating Trump like a drum. When did he actually take on the administrative state, and when did he ever win? His only defense with regard to covid (which he doesn’t candidly assert) is that he couldn’t help what the federal government–Fauci et al.–did. But that doesn’t cut it.

…”The one state that stayed almost entirely open – South Dakota – was in defiance of the White House in doing so. The first state to open up after that was Georgia under Governor Kemp, whom Trump blasted for the decision. Moreover, Trump has repeatedly bragged about how he shut down the country, as if that makes him awesome.

It is absolutely true that Trump is very obviously the best choice for 2024. I would dearly love to see him in office again. But it is also true that he failed the COVID test. Miserably.

As the race for the GOP presidential nomination begins, it is time for an accounting. Who was right about covid, and who was wrong? Sadly, Donald Trump–like Anthony Fauci, Andy Cuomo, Gavin Newsom, Tim Walz, Gretchen Whitmer, and Joe Biden–was wrong.

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