Political philosophy


what happened?

Well, to be brief about it, Leftism happened. Indeed, this is what eventually happens with ALL Leftism!

As a historical empiricist, this is hardly shocking. We’ve seen it many times before. Just in relatively modern history, look what happened to the former USSR. Look at Cambodia. Even the European North Countries have greatly scaled back their Leftism!

Look further back, to revolutionary France. Guys, this stuff just doesn’t work!

It reminds me of a time when I was in grad school and a friend REALLY got into Carl Rogers, reading all his books and such. He excitedly talked to a private practice psychologist he was around about how wonderful it all is.

The private practice guy responded, “Yeah, it’s really cool. It don’t work.”

And I think that a historical empiricist looks at Leftism and it’s history and says, “Yeah, it’s really cool. It don’t work.”

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