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The Fetterman

“body double” thing is really gaining steam. Sure, the two look very similar, but to my eyes they look like different people. And speech didn’t sound at all the same to me–one was fluent and far more intact than I’ve heard Fetterman sound. The ears seem different, too.

The ears, speech, and tattoos are clearly different. The facial structure around the mouth looks different. That seems NOT to be John Fetterman. But why? What on earth could a motive for such an elaborate charade be? Even if Fetterman killed himself, the Democrat PA governor would just appoint another Democrat! It’s sure a lot of hoops to jump through for–what?

But still, I don’t know how you get rid of tattoos like that. To my eyes, the bottom person is very clearly not Fetterman. So why? I can’t make sense of it. Is it photoshopped? Why is his face different? Did he have plastic surgery? Or is Fetterman actually dead? I mean, it would certainly be no surprise, given recent history.

I honestly don’t know what is going on, but I’m quite suspicious that the bottom guy is NOT Fetterman–he is an imposter. And IF it is happening, I really don’t know why they are doing this–and IF they really are!

But this much I do know: One does not engage in an elaborate ruse without a reason that is important enough to justify that effort. This would not be done on a lark or by a couple college Freshman in a dorm smoking weed and saying, “DOOD! what if we…” And THAT lack of motive is what is missing for me so far.

What would the motive be?

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