Evil Clown

People are getting

pretty fed up. He was never bright, but he really has declined in the last five years! Just look at his face. Compare with how “with it” he looked even 10 years ago. Heck, compare it to how he looked in the Obama administration!

Wednesday, in a move described in the media as “bizarre,” he blessed himself while sitting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to flow across our borders every week. It’s now entirely questionable if the United States can survive the Biden presidency.

I find it very interesting that John Zogby declined to even attempt to give a Biden defense! Maybe he had to wash his hair and just didn’t have time…

But maybe, just maybe, he was using the classic Lefty tactic of refusing to give any logical defense of Biden. Maybe there just was none to give and so he ran away. I really don’t know.

But in any case, Zogby didn’t give his customary Lefty take on things. Is that a sign? Magic Eight Ball says: Too early to say.

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