Bad Faith Evil

“Biden” absolutely

does not have the best interests of the USA at heart. THAT is really quite clear.

The Department of Homeland Security was aware that a large population of migrants was preparing to cross the southern border months before a near-record number surged into the country this month, internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show—but appears to have taken no action to forestall an influx that has overwhelmed local officials across the United States.

They just are NOT working for the United States. Power is far more important to them than the well-being of American citizens. And their hope is that all these illegal aliens will, through the stupidity of birthright citizenship, help keep them in power.

Warning: This is a recipe for vigilanteism. I don’t want that. So Lefties, KNOCK IT OFF! Then again, like with January 6, the Left is provoking a response that can be used as an excuse to jail those who dare disagree with them. And they simply don’t care that the illegal immigrants are suffering. You just watch.

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