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Yes, we ALL do!

Folks, this result is NOT an outlier!

Consider the ramifications of that for a moment. It may well be true that to ask the question is to beg the answer a bit, but we can measure that to some degree by the same question asked about Donald Trump. Fifty-two percent of respondents in the same survey have only minor or no real concerns about his physical and mental health. For Biden, only 26% of the respondents have minor or no real concerns over Biden’s mental and physical capacity to do the job now. [emphasis added]

… However, nearly six in ten respondents in the entire sample have “major concerns,” which clearly makes the worry over Biden’s failing cognitive abilities a bipartisan or non-partisan issue. NBC News doesn’t offer the crosstabs on these questions, but you don’t get to 59% with just Trump supporters in a sample where only 43% voted for him against Biden, and only 39% are either Republicans or independents leaning Republican. There are a large number of Democrats in this poll with “major concerns” about the octogenarian that can’t find his own way off a stage and who keeps repeating the same debunked personal-story lies, sometimes in the same appearance — and nearly in the same breath. Voters may have concerns about Trump, but few really doubt his mental or physical capacity.

… At this point, perhaps we should note that these are two of the friendliest polls for Biden and Democrats. Only Econ/YouGov is more reliably friendly for Biden on job approval, and they are all going the wrong direction.

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