A butt-whipping

Yes, well

OF COURSE they are panicking!

“Now if we announce we’re going, it looks like we’re just going because of Trump,” the strategist said. “We waited too long. That’s the challenge.”

Brings t0 mind the Pappy O’Daniel character in, O Brother, Where Art Thou:

Junior O’Daniel:
We could hire our own midget, even shorter than his.

Pappy O’Daniel:
Wouldn’t we look like a bunch of Johnny-come-latelies, bragging on our own midget, doesn’t matter how stumpy.

Trump outfoxed them, plain and simple. And he might very well eat their lunch! Trump, famously, has gotten along well with working men, and they have been hugely loyal to him.

All they get from Democrats is smarmy lip service, exploitation, and nothing else! Trump is honest with them and is honestly an advocate, and THAT is a breath of fresh air!

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