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Sure, but COULD

Michelle Obama parachute in? How would she manage on the debate stage? What do you suppose would happen when other Democrats start going after her? And just wait until Republicans join the fray… Plus, wouldn’t Kamala be a HUGE issue?

In regard to Cruz,

I’m a big fan of Cruz’s, but I’m not having any of this and I never have. Ben briefly alludes to one of the biggest stumbling blocks, and Athena covers it in detail in a recent VIP post: the Obamas are killing it financially in private life.

Why would she even want to run? Michelle O. has ZERO experience as a political leader–would she even hold up in a campaign? She’s getting almost nothing but positive strokes by the media now. But that would certainly change drastically if she threw her hat into the ring.

And she has tons of money, with no end in sight. I just can’t see why she would expose herself to a campaign. Maybe her ambition is strong enough…

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