Evil Illegal Immigration

Well, this is important

for those of us who want change, who want a safe and orderly and wise immigration policy.

The Biden border crisis is out of control. A two-month-old baby was found abandoned at the border in the Rio Grande Valley. This is the face of the Biden border crisis. This should be used in every Republican campaign ad this election cycle. The open border is a political decision from Biden and should be treated as such. [emphasis added]

What kind of mom just… ditches her infant child and then moves on? It’s crazy!

On June 9 the Los Angeles City Council approved a motion to formally declare the city as a sanctuary city. This is what they want, right? The illegal aliens ask to go to these cities. Texas taxpayers pay for Operation Lone Star and migrant buses, providing transportation to sanctuary cities. The illegals sign forms in Texas before they board the buses that state they are willingly making their trips elsewhere. It is a fallacy that the illegals all cross the border and then want to stay in Texas. Many do not – they are on their way to other places in order to find work or reunite with family and sponsors.

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