So what do you

think? Does he get prosecuted? I mean, the case is dang pretty cut-and-dried!

The Democrat congressman’s actions could potentially be punishable with up to 17 years in prison. 

We’re about to get a lesson in equal application under the law!

His spokesperson said: Since the incident, a spokeswoman for Bowman said he “did not realize he would trigger a building alarm.” 

Oh suuuure! If he didn’t known then just why did he pull the alarm? Was there a fire? Uhm, he dang well knew. DUH!

Besides, it’s not like ignorance of the law is usually a valid defense. “Oh, I didn’t know robbing a bank was against the law! Who knew? I guess we are ALL wiser now. Well, this has sure been a lesson to me. Let’s all just move on, we’re all a bit wiser now…”

REALLY, Jamaal?

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