Yes, Biden and

his motley crew are collaborators, pure and simple. Biden is a Vichy-like puppet. There really is no doubt about THAT. Look at history, for Pete’s sake!

Honestly, the historical ignorance of many on the Left is nothing short of stunning. THAT is why, like most Conservatives, I am a historical empiricist. Unlike the “Continental Rationalist” Left, I am FAR less interested in what sounds good at the moment than in what has shown robust value over and over in the past (both recent and remote).

So I want to conserve what has shown to be of value over the years. I am not very impressed by unproven, “new” theories. As they say, there is nothing new (of value) under the sun. To the extent it is truly new it is banal and trite.

If you think you have a “new” idea, just know that it has been pursued before. And here’s the empirical part; How did it work?

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