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Yes, he was

The Warm-Up Dictator.”

Make no mistake: COVID was a “dry run” for future despotism.

How screwed up is the U.S. right now? The nation’s top medical official for years worked in public and private to stifle investigation of our worst health crisis, which increasingly looks like a unparalleled man-made catastrophe. He’s going to skate on it, because upper-class America is now so deep into mass mental illness that it’s more likely to make a sex symbol of corruption than punish it.

Yes, it’s more than a bit discouraging to see people who you thought would know better jump on the “Branch COVIDian” bandwagon.

Of course, MANY people were forced into it, and once they were “in” they developed a belief system that buttressed their behavior. Yeah, THAT is so common as to be almost an iron rule. Not very many people will look back and say, “You know, I was wrong…’

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