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McCarthy speaks

confidently of how he is untouchable as House Speaker. But I don’t know. Is McCarthy’s pronouncements actually facts or just bluster? Is this all just an act? I’m not close enough to the situation to know. BUT:

Rep. Byron Donalds, Florida Republican and member of the chamber’s Freedom Caucus, said Sunday morning he thinks House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is “in trouble” following the passing of the stopgap measure that kept the government open on Saturday over the objections of GOP conservatives.

But this is a sign of weakness, not strength:

Mr. McCarthy was only able to get the measure through the chamber with heavy support from the Democratic minority, only angering more Freedom Caucus lawmakers who demanded a tougher stance from their leader.

… He told host Shannon Bream that Republicans “did not get anything” out of the stopgap bill, adding that the border is still not secure because “Joe Biden and the Democrats got their way.”

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