Age-related decline Captain Obvious

Biden is very

clearly in decline. It is REALLY hard not to see! Yes, there are some foaming-at-the-mouth Leftists who are actually ignorant of reality. But not all that many. Most just are cowardly quiet…

It is not necessary to trace Biden’s decline on a daily basis, but today’s episode is worth noting. Biden exhibited a complete failure to understand the basics of the federal budget and the federal debt.

… What Biden can’t acknowledge is that the cost of living has risen 17% since he took office, devastating the budgets of all Americans of modest means. The fact that “inflation is slowing,” as the Democrats like to say, merely means that people are getting worse off, but not as rapidly as they were some months ago.

And here we see the folly of electing someone who has never owned and lived off their own business:

This makes no sense. If a corporation shows a profit of hundreds of millions or billions of dollars, it owes income taxes to the federal government. Payment is not optional. The idea that corporations weren’t going to pay their income taxes, but the Biden administration “made them pay,” is absurd. And for what it is worth, the federal corporate income tax rate is 21%, so I have no idea where Biden got either 30% or 15%.

… As far as I can tell, there is not a single member of the Democratic Party who minds that President Biden is mentally incompetent. Our nation is sliding into a fiscal abyss, and Democrats have no intention of doing anything about it, or even acknowledging the fact. My best guess is that they are simply hoping that when the collapse comes, we have a Republican president whom they can blame.

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