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The MSM is finally

cluing in to just how unpopular Joe Biden is with a HUGE mass of regular people. And it is a stunning revelation to them that it is different than the Lefty “bubble” they have long been ensconced in. Their chronic avoidance of any view contrary to their own has left them sputtering and in shock.

And their unwillingness to logically defend their beliefs has left that particular skill totally atrophied for them. They have become intellectual and logical cripples through disuse and outright avoidance of argument.

And no place is that avoidance more evident than with the MSM. But the harsh reality is dawning on a few, now. It is nothing short of a thunderclap for them.

On Friday’s episode of Morning Joe, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was left in shock after learning Biden’s polling numbers are looking bleak as the president seeks another four years in office. 

… According to a Marquette Law School survey, 51 percent of voters prefer Trump in the White House, compared to 48 percent who want Biden to serve another four years. 

And the election is over a year away. So things are entirely likely to get much, much worse for Biden. It sure ain’t gonna get better! No, these perceptions and preferences have started to harden. Even minority voters are, at best for Biden, getting less and less enthused about Biden.

And with Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House? Wow!

That said, it is too soon to call it over. Now is NOT the time to take the foot off the gas. And Democrats have successfully engaged in mass cheating before–and you can bet that they will again. We need to be active and vigilant.

So yes, there are hopeful signs. But evil is not easily defeated…

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