Introspection Lefty Political Strategy

AfD is scaring

the crap out of the usual Lefty German parties.

Germany’s center-right opposition won two state elections on Sunday at the halfway mark of Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s unpopular national government, projections showed, and a far-right party that has been riding high in national polls celebrated gains.

If German Lefties had an ounce of introspection in their souls, they would be asking themselves some hard questions:

1) Why is it that so many people are turning to alternative options?
2) What is it about US that turns so many people off?
3) What important concerns are we missing?
4) Why would people even be open to alternative options?

But, as with American Leftists, frank introspection is something they actively avoid–at all costs. So, just like American Leftists, they never leave the Lefty “bubble” and are utterly stunned when they hear viewpoints other than their own. Those viewpoints seem totally foreign to them, and like the American Leftists, they easily write those ideas off as “crazy” or “racist” or “NAZI.”

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