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I gotta tell you, I liked Scalise. I liked Jim Jordan for Speaker better, but Scalise has seemed solid to me. In any case, House Republicans are in no mood for anything that even hints at RINO appeasement.

McCarthy was a major RINO and he was roundly rejected by House Republicans. Scalise was much less so, but even a whiff of RINO was enough to tank his Speaker bid. Jim Jordan can in no way be considered a RINO.

Now, let’s see Jordan formally take the gavel.

Rep Steve Scalise has reportedly withdrawn his name from the House Speaker’s race. Laura Ingraham interrupted her broadcast to make the announcement that Scalise had withdrawn from the race.

I think Scalise saw the writing on the wall and knew he didn’t have the votes, and unlike McCarthy, was not willing to draw this thing out in order to (maybe) become Speaker. There is virtually NO question that he is a better man than was McCarthy.

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