Epistemology Media Flying Monkeys

Understand well,

“unverified” is code for, “This is known but we really don’t want to report it.” It doesn’t apply to things they want, no matter how dubious.

Please, don’t be a dupe and fall for it! These guys often lie to you, and right as it comes out there is simply no way to know what is true and what isn’t. So here we see the problem with lying: One then never really knows if they are telling the truth or not, so the whole thing is suspect.

It’s like saying, “There’s just a little poop in the soup–less than 1%!” So tell me, do you want a spoonful?

Years ago a Lefty buddy talked about how yes, he subscribes to the NY Times but it’s not like he believes everything they say. So I asked him just how he knows what to believe and what to reject. How does one discern between what is True and what isn’t?

He would no longer be my buddy after that…

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