Illegal Immigration



This one caught my eye because it contained an assurance from Cox that Utah is not a sanctuary state and would not become one under his watch. Good to know, even though I was under the impression that my state was never a sanctuary state, but Cox set me straight. [emphasis added]

… I would like to chalk this up to a good old, run-of-the-mill federal SNAFU. Ah! Those were the days, right? Remember when all we had to worry about was an overpaid, underworked bureaucrat issuing mounds of paperwork and making dumb, tone-deaf decisions? Those were good times, but this is 2023, closing in on 2024. And as a certain, befuddled, and corrupt man whose preferred pronoun is POTUS would say, “C’mon, man!” Cox pointed out that when people in Utah, particularly the Beehive State’s sheriffs, raised their objections, ICE immediately walked it back and rescinded said memo. [emphasis added]

Folks, this was NOT an accident. This was enemy action, pure and simple!

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