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No, but for Romney,

impeaching Trump had nothing to do with the facts. And for him, ignorance was a virtue. This was a personal vendetta, it had nothing to do with right or wrong. I think Mitt’s moral compass is busted—if he ever had one at all.

What happens next in the book is a shocking admission of profound ignorance from the senator, particularly considering his disdain for his Republican colleagues who did not fall for the impeachment. Romney admits to Hannity that even though he’s been signaling his support of the Democrat impeachment efforts, he actually has no idea what Burisma is. “How do you not know what Burisma is?” Hannity reportedly asks.

Yeah, this was not at all about facts. It was merely an expression of Romney’s personal spite and moral vacuity.

Let’s observe here that Romney’s stated reason for not liking Trump is personal. He tells Coppins he is quite supportive of the conservative agenda advanced by Trump, but that he doesn’t like Trump because the former president is boorish and insults other people.

Wow, by his own admission it was ALL personal. What a jerk!

… In any case, learning that Romney didn’t even know what Burisma was in the middle of the impeachment about Burisma that he voted for is not terribly surprising. But proud ignorance is not a virtue, and it’s certainly not principled.

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