Dishonesty Evil

Sooo, are

you surprised? I’m sure not!

An accurate reporting by Pfizer would have shown equal numbers of clinical trial deaths in the vaccine and placebo groups and thus, no benefit of vaccination.

These folks (and the politicians) had NO problem with you dying, since it gave them money and power!

THAT’s evil!

A recently published peer-reviewed study by the DailyClout Pfizer/BioNTech Documents Investigations Team suggests Pfizer excluded known deaths in the vaccine arm of its clinical trial from its data filing and withheld information from the agency that could have resulted in a denial of EUA.

Yep, they lied to you:

The forensic analysis showed trial subjects vaccinated with Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine experienced a 3.7 times increase in cardiovascular deaths compared to placebo controls and that this “significant adverse event signal” was not disclosed by Pfizer when the FDA was evaluating its vaccine for emergency use.

… According to the study, if the accurate number of deaths Pfizer had knowledge of were included in its data package and presented during the FDA’s EUA Authorization Request meeting, it would have at least shown an equal number of deaths in the vaccine and placebo arms of the clinical trial and thus, no benefit of vaccination. 

I think this is at least negligent homicide. At least.

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