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Even Germany?

People are starting to be vocal about having had enough.

“Wilkommen” No More: Germany’s Chancellor Says the Country Must Begin Mass Deportations of Illegal Aliens

… Scholz: Those who are not likely to be granted permission to stay in Germany because they cannot claim a need for protection must go back. To make that possible, our public authorities must be reachable around the clock so that someone can actually be deported when the federal police take them into custody. We also must finally press ahead with the digitalization of the Immigration Office — the paper era must come to an end. Procedures must be accelerated, with asylum applications and initial interviews taking place in the initial reception facility. Court proceedings must also speed up. In some states, initial rulings in deportation cases come after four months, while in others, it takes 39 months. That is unacceptable. We have to deport people more often and faster.

Uhmmm, THAT’s not Trump. That’s Germany…

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