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I’m telling you,

THIS is how it ends. I’ve seen it before. And it comes back around in some form every 30 or 40 years!

A woman who was pumped with testosterone and underwent hormone therapy when she was a young teenager is suing both her doctors and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which her lawyers say has knowingly lied about the impact of the radical sex-change treatments it recommends, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained exclusively by The Daily Wire.

… “Isabelle is now twenty years old and longs for what could have been and to have her healthy, female body back,” it says. “The changes the testosterone have had on her body are a constant reminder that she needed an unbiased medical expert willing to evaluate her mental health and provide her the care she needed, rather than a group of ideologues set on promoting their own agenda and furthering a broader conspiracy at her expense.”

This is NOT new, in terms of the natural history of trendy medical crappery. We ARE going to see some HUGE court awards against these monsters and the hospitals associated with them. In 5 years (or less), hospitals won’t even allow their docs to do this crap, let alone use their properties to do it!

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