Lefty Political Strategy

The more I think about it

the clearer it becomes the the Democrat coalition is bound together with bailing twine and hope. They have groups who are indeed bound together, but they are certainly not a “natural fit.”

The most obvious is the Gay community and the Arab community. I mean, how do you get those two to at least superficially come together?

THE ANSWER: Hatred mixed with fear. There has to be a hated/feared 3rd party so those groups will put their hatred for each other on the back burner long enough to win an election.

But like oil and water, you can apply enough pressure to create an emulsion, but with no continued agitation they will shortly again separate. Like your Italian salad dressing (or Hollandaise sauce), with enough agitation the oils will mix with the water. But the emulsion is not at all durable.

So the Democrat party works to constantly agitate. They must always have a “devil” to fight against, or the oil and water will separate. Right now, Donald Trump is that “devil,” but when he’s gone you can be absolutely positive that there will be a replacement.

Because Democrats need people to be afraid of Republican leadership. They need constant agitation. Hence, the famous Left/Right schism. Because it only takes one party to start a war, and the Left needs that war in order to stay viable.

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