Political philosophy


Pretty much…

I’ve repeatedly told you that it doesn’t make one bit of difference–the Democrats will howl and whine about any Republican who takes power. It is as certain as the sun rising in the East.

LESSON: Don’t compromise one little bit. Get the meanest S.O.B. who represents you and take ALL you can! Because Democrats in general don’t actually want to work together; That is just a strategic ploy used to stop you from doing what is right and give them more power. That’s ALL it is!

For Democrats as a whole, “compromise” just means Republicans crumping. Your desire to “go along to get along” is interpreted as mere weakness. They don’t “compromise” at all. They only do what they are forced to do. A “death-bed repentance” is simply not a compromise. Crying “uncle!” under duress is NOT a compromise. It is merely a strategic fallback position.

So my advice: Be polite, be kind. But do what is right regardless of the Lefty whining. Sorry, but they are NOT your friends and they certainly don’t have the best interests of the country at heart. Their whining is ONLY about them not having power, and nothing more. It is the shrieking of the damned in other words–there IS no real intent to change–only to avoid consequences.

They have adopted a Post-Modern view of the world: There is no right and wrong or morality or good and bad. There is only power and the ability to wield it.

Just know what you’re dealing with, here.

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