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EVs are NOT for working people–we can’t afford this virtue-signaling wheeze!

This is a luxury good–conspicuous consumption in most cases. I think there may be some specific circumstances where it makes good sense, but it is NOT generally good for the masses. It certainly is not good for working pickups or for anyone who drives long distances.

But let’s face it, it’s not viable.

“Green” energy companies and electric vehicle manufacturers rely on governments to force consumers to buy their products, like it or not. But there is a limit to how much of a decline in their standard of living voters are willing to accept for the sake of “green” mythology. Blackouts have already begun (not to mention skyrocketing electricity prices), and as blackouts become more widespread, voters are going to punish the politicians who lied to them about “green” energy. Let’s hope that happens before tens of billions more dollars are poured into the coffers of the cynical “green” industries.

Now if this new Toyota battery that lasts three times as long and takes 10 minutes to charge works out, the calculus is totally different. Let’s just wait and see…

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