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Uhm, that’s

a whole lot of people.

My sons’ karate master (I’ll call him, “John”) died on the mat in front of a class. Just dropped dead. He had gotten the jab in order to fly to Brazil and meet up with some old friends and mentors (the Gracie brothers, if you know about such things).

I knew John well. Actually, he was kind of famous in that world and had appeared on karate magazine covers. He was several years younger than I was, but we had grown up in the same small town and were taught by the same karate master (John was gifted–me, not so much). I feel terrible for his wife, who helped run the studio…

But a whole lot of people–maybe the majority–know someone who was at least gravely injured by the “vaccine.” No wonder Pfizer demanded (and got) legal immunity from damages!

The jabs would stop within an hour if that immunity were lifted.

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