Bad Faith

Ah, so even

Lefties finally admit that Biden is corrupt!

But it’s all just a strategic move. They are just tools.

As if these undisputed facts, barely acknowledged by the MSM in their frenzy to cover up Biden’s corruption, were just dug up by the investigative work of Politico. No conservative–or any person who actually paid attention–learned a single new fact in this story. The only thing new about it was that Politico was finally willing to publish anything that suggests Joe Biden has been lying for years about his ties to Hunter’s business.

… Geez. The laptop has been known to be real since 2019. It didn’t take an Einstein to know that it was real when it burst onto the scene–all those naked photos of Hunter and the fact that his business partner verified some emails was proof enough outside of court. And the always-leaking FBI had verified the laptop a year before it became public.

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